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The Cliff Walk Carry Strap Class


Cross stitch geometric pattern on snowy white linen with colorful pink and lavender bullion knot roses and wild flower textured hand embroidery framed by  tea dyed linen on a  DIY beautiful handbag strap.
The Hand Embroidered on Linen Cliff Walk Carry Strap

​Whenever I design, I always try to come up with an idea for something, that I would like to own. I have had my eye on a handbag strap for a while— I love the personalized effect they give to any handbag, craft bag, or tote. But I also suffer from an "I could probably make that, so I can't really justify buying it "mentality, which is a double edged sword: sometimes it means that I am inspired to design something new, or out of my comfort range, or, just as equally, it might mean that I never get to coming up with a design at all. I love the idea of making something, whether knit, crochet, , embroidered or crafted, that will get a lot of use. A handbag strap is a great project, because I don't often embroider my clothing, but a handbag strap, I will carry everyday. They are pretty small, so they do not take much time. Since they clip on, I can use them for any bag I wish— really for any thing that has a ring to attach it to. Hmm, I might have to see if my large umbrella has a ring at the bottom....

My WIP - view from "Marble House" Newport, RI

I am always drawn to tea dyed linen, and I think it matches pretty much everything perfectly, so I chose it for the foundation of the strap. I selected white linen for the embroidered section, so that it would better show of the pretty floral stitches. I love the combination of geometric patterns enhanced by textured florals— really the same effect as a beautiful building with architectural interest flanked by beds of lovely flowers, so I tried to capture that in this design.

CLiff Walk Newport Rhode Island, White Queen Anne's Lace flowers against a stone wall facing the blue water
View from the Cliff Walk


Whenever I head anywhere north with my family, we always detour to wander the fabled scenic cliff walk, which meanders along the eastern shore of Newport, RI. There is something breathtaking about the magnificent architecture of Gilded Age mansions set against a turbulent shoreline, accessible by a rocky path that is punctuated with seasonal flowers.

My son and I went to visit the opulent Marble House in May, and that was the inspiration for the Cliff Walk Carry Strap.

He was such a good sport, and agreed to hold up a swatch in progress for me, so I could photograph it.

Connor in Front of the Breakers, Newport, RI

We were there for the Daffodil Festival, which is always amazing, but they were the only flowers in bloom at that time of year, so I took some creative license and included flowers similar to the ones that were decorating the spacious lawns when we stopped by Newport in the summer last year.

Daffodil Festival 2021 from the Cliff Walk, Newport RI


The Cliff Walk Carry Strap is a design that I will be teaching for an online EGA ( Embroiderer's Guild of America) class hosted by the Metropolitan Region. The close of registration has been extended. Registration is now open to all EGA members. There is also a non member price, although, I can't suggest strongly enough how worthwhile membership in the EGA is. The cost for the class, which includes the teaching fee and instructions is $40.00. All three lessons will be provided via e-mail on September 13, 2021. I will be available for questions until November 30, 2021.

The Perfect Strap for your Knitting, Crocheting, or Embroidery Bag!

The counted work portion of this strap is relaxing and pleasurable to stitch, and the bouquet at the bottom is comprised of a few simple embroidery stitches, that will pique your interest, and advance your repertoire. The strap is hand stitched together. Because there is no kit , this is an excellent stash buster and a wonderful way to make something both lovely and useful.

​If you are interested, just visit the EGA website: www. and search for Cliff Walk. That should direct you to a link for the EGA blog. The information is on their blog.

I am really looking forward to teaching this class and I have been hard at work putting together a fun, and simple to follow lesson plan. If you do not belong to the EGA, whether you are a beginner or an expert, I can only encourage you to join. They have different types of memberships, which is ideal for people who want to get involved and attend local meetings, and equally ideal for people who just want to reap the benefits of their amazing resources and information online. The choice is up to you, and I am sure that you will be absolutely dazzled by the amount of inspiration that you will find on their site.

I look forward to teaching this class- please join me, if you can!!

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