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It's Here!!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

I am so excited that my new book Crafting Thread Shawl Pins is now available on Amazon! If you are unfamiliar with Dorset buttons, they are thread wrapped rings which were a mainstay of the British economy for hundreds of years.

The shawl pins in the book are based upon Dorset Buttons, and are easy to create, and beautiful additions to your wardrobe. Imagine the possibilities-- a new shawl pin for each shawl that you knit, weave, crochet or purchase!

The Lavender Shawl pin (pictured above) is a traditional Dorset Cartwheel. The Highland Thistle Shawl pin (pictured at the top of the image above) is a contemporary iteration. Both are timeless in their own right, and are equally approachable to create.

Clear diagrams and step-by- step instructions make these projects suitable for everyone from beginners to experts. I think you will find this to be a really enjoyable craft, and the book also makes a great gift. I look forward to seeing your projects—email me images; I would love to see them!

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Louise Claire
Louise Claire
Aug 01, 2023

Hi I’m loving these books - but please could you let me know where you get the pins for the shawl pins - or how you make them - I’m uk based and can’t find them - I may be using incorrect term on my search’s


Barbara S
Barbara S
Mar 24, 2022

Is this publication only available through Amazon?

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