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Book Giveaway today!!

June 22, 2021

I am so excited because Heather and Jessica, the wonderful, brilliant, and witty owners of the internet's longest running celebrity style, fashion , and book blog are hosting a book giveaway of my book "Crafting Thread Jewelry" on their Instagram page @Fuggirls today, June 22, 2021.

When I first started designing, back in the days of dial up internet , I scoured sites trying to catch glimpses of the tiny thumbnails that were available of couture runway shows. I didn't have the budget to purchase the extremely costly ($$$$) books that showed the fashion images in larger sizes. So I patiently looked at slow loading tiny pictures when ever I could, on nascent sites like I don't remember the exact day that I first stumbled upon the GFY site. I was so elated to find large, clear images of runway fashion, but I was even more entranced by the funny, intelligent, and, spot on commentary that accompanied each picture.

For years I was a lurker. I couldn't even tell you when I first made a comment. It might have been around the time that Heather and Jessica released their first YA novel in2011 Spoiled, and now that they are on their fourth bestseller " The Heir Affair" ( named a best book of 2020 by Glamour Magazine) .

I look forward everyday to reading their amazing blog, and I am now the author of many badly typed comments! ( Side note: I don't actually know how someone who spends as much time as I do at a keyboard can be so awful at writing a message on a phone. It defies logic.)

Thank you Fug Girls! I am so honored.

And thank you blog readers— I hope one of you wins the book!


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