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Coming Soon....

I am so excited—Crafting Thread Shawl Pins" will be published on Amazon on March 1, 2022!

I am delighted to announce the launch of my new book "Crafting Thread Shawl Pins" which is scheduled to be published on Amazon on March 1, 2022. I love Dorset button making, as it is a creative way to use small amounts of fiber, and to craft something special in a relatively short amount of time. Imagine how awesome one of these would look perched on your favorite knitted or crocheted, woven or embroidered shawl or wrap!!

The book contains sixteen lovely shawl pins that are based upon aspects of traditional Dorset Button making techniques. These irresistible thread jewels do not require any prior needlework knowledge— the clear diagrams and phots make this a beginner friendly craft with expert results. Constructed from thread wrapped around plastic or metal rings, the supplies are readily available and inexpensive.

Please follow me on Instagram, as I post more updates, and release more images from "Crafting thread Shawl Pins"

Thanks for stopping by!

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