Ashmore (formerly known as Aisemere) is a lovely hilltop village in Dorset County, England. Crochet this beautiful neckwarmer and embellish it with a harmonious array of thread wrapped soft wool buttons. The kit includes a beginner friendly crochet pattern ; 6- ¾in (1.9 cm) washable, clothing safe plastic rings, Fingering weight yarn in six colors to make the buttons and button directions; 1 size 16 Tapestry needle and 1 size 18 chenille needle.  Please note that the yarn to knit the neckwarmer is not included in this kit. The pattern calls for approx 220 yards of a dk or worsted weight yarn.  The sample shown was crocheted from Cascade 220.

Filly Loo is a midsummer celebration with ancient origins, which takes place around the village's central pond

Ashmore Dorset Button Crocheted Neckwarmer

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  • The rings provided are of the highest quality.  However, they may have slight burrs which can be easily removed by filing gently with an emery board.