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 October 4, 2019

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On the cover, INSPIRATION  states that it is the "World's Most Beautiful Needlework Magazine", and one look inside should be enough to convince you. 

I am delighted to have an article about Dorset Buttons in Issue 99.

INspirations Magazine COver 2018.JPG
Cover Piecework Magazine May June 2018.J
Irish Crochet Buttons Piecework Magazine

Irish Crochet Buttons

Irish Crochet is exquisite.  These buttons are a small example of a historic technique that was devised to help families cope with the Great Potato Famine.  A small project such as a button is a perfect way to introduce yourself to this rich history and craft.  My article comprises re-creations of actual patterns from the late 1800's.


      May/ June 2018

I am delighted to have an article about Dorset Buttons in the 25th Anniversary edition of Piecework magazine!


Check out Vogue Knitting Magazine's Early Fall 2017 issue to see my article about  Dorset Buttons. Traditional Dorset buttons are made by wrapping thread or yarn around a simple ring foundation.  There are countless contemporary variations, and creating them is  addictive !  


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